Monday, May 30, 2011

Today is my first day blogging.......

.... I don't know whether people or not will read this but as long as I can enjoy them myself thats all that matters. >'.'< 
I thought I'd start out saying a couple things I like and dislike here we go...
-The color GREEN
-Going to shows; punk, ska, rock, psychedelic rock.
-My kitty cat
-more  to come...eventually hehe.
-Not having a job
-Animal abuse
-People that annoy me (I'm really nice though lol)
Cool now you know a little about me lol. 
So Here's my blog of the day.
I am very indecisive about dying my hair, I don't know exactly what I want I'll post a couple pictures of what I want :O
Apparently this is called dip dyed hair, pretty rad.


Maybe something like this but instead of pink and blonde I would dye it 
turquoise and black ;o


This I would just the bangs maybe pink and turquoise?

I think I'll have to sleep on it right now I have homework to get done,
good bye for now. Please feel welcome to leave comments and maybe ideas of how you 
want your hair to be dyed, doesn't have to be unnatural colors lol.

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